Unconscious Bias Seminars

Unconscious bias is such a ‘hot topic’ across the UK at the moment. This is soon to be a topic everyone will need to know about, with companies like Facebook, Google and many others setting unconscious bias firmly on their training agenda. Make sure you stay ahead of the crowd!

We also offer workshops, training and eLearning but for larger groups we run unconscious bias seminars.

Our seminars will provide an opportunity to:

  • Learn about recent unconscious bias research.
  • Understand why everyone is talking about it and assess whether it really is relevant for you.
  • Consider what options there are to raise awareness of biases within your organisation.
  • Discuss what obstacles are frequently encountered when seeking to change behaviours and attitudes.

Who should attend?

This is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to find our more on these topics and stay ahead of the crowd.

Location & dates

We aren't currently running any free unconscious bias seminars but we can run in-house seminars at your location, or selected venue.

If you are interested in eLearning, please visit our unconscious bias eLearning page for more information.

Questions About Our Seminars?

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