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Unconscious bias training is important because we all have biases, we naturally make automatic decisions about people based on irrelevant factors. We know, for example, that 80% of employers admit to making decisions based on regional accents and that while the average weight of a women is 11 stone, each stone above 11 will lose a woman £1500 a year in salary. While it is near impossible to remove unconscious bias completely, the solution lies in altering how we respond to people who seem different to us, or cause an adverse reaction in us.

Our highly interactive and practical unconscious bias workshops will explore individual and cultural bias that impact on our working relationships. Allowing people, in a safe environment to both understand unconscious bias and develop personal strategies to ensure personal biases are effectively managed. We offer full day and half day workshops.

Designed for forward-thinking organisations, our unconscious bias training provides an opportunity to step ahead of the crowd and reap the business benefits. Our expert team work with delegates to ensure they understand unconscious bias and develop strategies to effectively manage personal biases.

We will work with you to create a workshop that is a perfect fit for your organisation, but below is an example outline of what one of our unconscious bias workshops could cover:

Course Content:

  • Defining unconscious bias
  • Recognising the science behind unconscious bias
  • Identifying personal and business reasons to tackle unconscious bias
  • Understanding organisational and individual biases and assessing their impact
  • Identifying strategies to minimise the impact of biases on key business and people functions
  • Creating personal strategies to minimise the impact of our own biases

Benefits of unconscious bias training:

  • Widening your talent pool for recruitment and succession
  • Improving staff retention and reduce recruitment costs
  • Better reflect (and understand) your customer base
  • Strengthening internal teams through diversifying the skill base
  • Positively impact on staff morale and loyalty
  • Enhancing your corporate social responsibility credentials

Who should attend?

Anyone! We have delivered this course to all levels or staff within organisations, and guarantee to pitch it perfectly for the level required, be that directors, senior management teams, managers, supervisors or the wider workforce.

As with all our training programmes, we can tailor our unconscious bias workshops to meet your specific organisational needs. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, or have a question about any of the topics we cover then be sure to call us. We have been designing and delivering bespoke training solutions for longer than we like to remember! For more information about unconscious bias training for your organisation, call us on +44 (0)1425 479888 or email us.

Why choose Jaluch?

We have over 16 years' experience in providing unique, bespoke and trusted training. We pride ourselves on having great trainers and combine this with highly relevant material and methods of delivery that are all designed to suit your individual business needs. We will always make sure delegates understand how our training translates into the workplace and how it aligns to your business goals.

We want our training to be enjoyable, so we don't make you sit through 'death by PowerPoint' and our style of delivery is always lively and engaging with maximum interaction and minimum lecture! From experience, we understand this is the only way to inspire delegates so that learning is truly embedded and not just forgotten a few days later.

Unconscious Bias e-learning & Blended Learning Solutions:

If you have large numbers of staff to roll out unconscious bias training too, then why not take a look at our unconscious bias e-learning? Takes around 50-60 minutes to complete, including end of module quiz. What a great way to raise knowledge about unconscious bias around your organisation. Available to purchase on a per head basis.

We can adopt a range of training methods to create a blended learning solution. So, if you would like face-to-face classroom training and e-Learning pre-course work we can also provide this. Please contact us to talk through your exact requirements.

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