What’s in a name?

Wizards, boffins, gurus and superheroes… this week I discovered that perhaps there is more creativity in HR functions than I have ever given them credit for. Adzuna recently analysed job titles in 800,000 recruitment ads and uncovered HR’s hidden creative talent!

They also discovered that if you are recruited as a Boffin, your starting salary is likely to be around £60k. In contrast, if you are recruited as a mere superhero, your salary is likely to be around £21K.

I’m reaching for my glasses and discarding my cape right this minute!

But boffins and superheroes aside (given that just 7 companies were actively seeking a boffin) an astonishing 759 were looking for gurus and a further 237 were seeking a wizard.

Its intriguing why a wizard is something you would seek, whilst no one ever seems to want a witch. Can anyone explain that?

But I digress………so, given this information, how about you check out that job ad you placed last Friday and take a look at the language you used. Is the language worthy of the dreariest of party political broadcasts? Or does the language set you apart from your competitors and suggest that yours is the organisation all ambitious and go get ‘em applicants should be applying to?

Having re-read it, perhaps you have now decided that the creative crowd are leaving you behind. And perhaps, after wracking your brains for ideas, there is a dawning, and possibly depressing, realisation that creativity is just not your thing.

But don’t despair, for here are a few of my ideas for job titles for ads.. Any of these take your fancy?

Artiste – company seeks receptionist with a flair for customer service and flamboyant gestures

Connoisseur – business seeks canteen lady who has the gift of the gab and has proven ability to sell expensive slop to preening professionals

Rumpelstiltskin – looking for a tenacious, determined and ambitious driver of people. Integrity not a key requirement

Dobbie – director seeks a loyal, faithful admin executive who always carries out instructions without question and who never complains when insulted.

Labradoodle – legal firm looking for a great team player with a bit of class to join its typing pool

Don’t like any of these job titles, but got some of your own? I look forward to hearing about them. Please do use the comments box below. Its free and I promise you, your details and suggestions will not be shared with the Sun, the Mirror or your current employer. Have a lovely week.


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