Unconscious Bias Infographic 2015

Our original unconscious bias infographic was so popular, we have created an updated 2015 version to give you all the current facts and figures around unconscious bias.

Despite endless equality legislation over decades, increasingly people are asking why so little progress seems to have been made. On the surface it appears that improvements have been made in respect of diversity and inclusion, but scratch the surface and you might think that not a lot has changed. But why?

The reality is that employment legislation is more often than not simply a stick to beat employers with who don’t toe the line in respect of what is currently considered to be required behaviour. It is rare that employment legislation educates or changes below the surface behaviours of either corporations or the managers within them.

Whilst very little research has been done in the UK into why bias continues, Jaluch has taken the past few months to pull together the research on unconscious bias that has been done around the world, to help understand how people really behave when it comes to diversity in the workplace.

We think you will find the results interesting.


Jaluch offer workshops, seminars and masterclasses in unconscious bias. Raising awareness with your managers and staff is the first step to take. Exploring in a safe environment why we all have biases and prejudices and why so often many of these are irrational and illogical is a second step. Conducting an internal audit and setting targets for improvement is a third step. Working with staff and managers to achieve long term cultural and behavioural change is the fourth step.

For more information visit our unconscious bias training page.

The business case for diversity and inclusion is straightforward. Improve diversity and inclusion and you will benefit by:

  • Widening your talent pool for both recruitment and succession
  • Better reflecting your customer base
  • Improving staff retention
  • Positively impacting on staff morale
  • Enhancing your corporate social responsibility credentials

If we don’t take steps to improve diversity and inclusion the reality is that businesses will increasingly lose their competitive edge given that people are so often what makes a business therefore employing and retaining the best or the right people is critical.

If you would like to start this fascinating and rewarding journey with us to achieving your diversity and inclusion goals then please contact us.