Microaggressions Training

Face-to-Face or Live-Online Courses

Our interactive microaggressions training will highlight what microaggressions look like, why they are harmful and provide practical tips and guidance on the types of words and actions that could be perceived as microaggressions, and how to avoid them.

Our training is designed to create change, rather than simply be a 'box ticking' exercise.

Course Content

  • A definition of microaggression and understanding its origins.
  • Who tends to experience microaggression?
  • How might we experience microaggression – the different forms it can take.
  • Understanding the difference between micro insults, micro assaults and micro invalidations.
  • What options do we have for responding when experiencing a microaggression in a way that ensures learning and maintains relationships?
  • Tips and advice to minimise microaggressions to ensure full inclusion and good working relationships.

The suggested agenda above is for a 90-minute session, but we can also deliver this as a 60-minute session by dropping two of the topics.

If you organisation has already been raising awareness around microaggressions, we can tailor the training so it takes you to the next stage. We can also a different version of this training for leadership teams and board members.

If you want to look at diversity and inclusion more widely, this content can easily be combined with our other topics to create a 3 or 6-hour training course.

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“I was engaged throughout and liked the interaction with everyone in groups. I learnt more about microaggression and how it can be handled. Thank you for your enthusiasm, it made learning fun and informative".


“A thought provoking and insightful session. The use of virtual interactivity and examples were much more enjoyable than I imagined! A great session and excellent trainer". 

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