Note taking at formal employee meetings

Practical tips and training to help you take effective meeting notes

Develop the skills, techniques and confidence required to take clear and accurate notes in formal meetings

Note taking can be challenging, even for those with previous experience, which is why it’s essential that note takers understand what they need to listen out for and then how to clearly document the points and action items from the discussions that have taken place.

This note taking course is designed and delivered by HR professionals, with years of experience both chairing and note taking at formal meetings, such as grievance and disciplinary hearings. We can also tailor the content towards note taking in informal meetings.

We also deliver note taking as an open course. A great option if there are just one or two people in your organisation who want to attend.


Course content

As with all our courses, we will work with you to create the perfect course to fit your needs but below you will find suggestions for six one-hour modules.

1. Process and preparation
2. Active listening
3. Tech to support note taking
4. Legal and practical issues
5. Reducing bias

*Is there an illusion or assumption of equity? Does the language or accent used impact our understanding? Are there assumptions made about traits such as religious belief or culture? Have we inadvertently stereotyped those in the meeting? Do we dismiss or fail to hear that which we find uncomfortable?

6. Practice makes perfect!

A practical session which will give you the opportunity to take a range of notes: face to face; by telephone; on video call.

Exercises focussing on producing clear and concise notes and ensuring the key points are noted.

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Our style of delivery is always lively and engaging with maximum interaction and minimum lecture.

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Highly relevant material and methods of delivery that are designed inspire so learning is truly embedded.

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Ensuring all learning styles are catered for to provide an equal opportunity for learning for everyone.

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