Gender Intelligence Training

Having delivered diversity and inclusion training for over 16 years and unconscious bias training for over 5 years, we have also been delving in recent years into the world of gender intelligence. Gender Intelligence looks at how we can effectively and successfully work with and manage both genders in the workplace. Designed for forward thinking organisations that want to offer their managers and staff a more holistic understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Our highly interactive and participative half day workshop explores how different genders often behave and communicate. We do not say that all women or all men behave in a particular way, as the world is full of individuals, but there are differences across male and female populations that, if understood, can lead to improved employee engagement, job satisfaction and achievement of D&I goals.

Course Content

  • Defining Gender Intelligence
  • Looking at the science
  • So ... is it nature or nurture?
  • Exploring the nature and nurture that makes men and women different
  • Valuing and exploiting our differences
  • The mistakes men often make with women and the mistakes women often make with men
  • Tips and tools for leaders, managers and supervisors
  • Creating personal strategies to get the best out of ourselves and our colleagues

Benefits of Gender Intelligence Training

  • Improving staff retention and reduce recruitment costs
  • Positively impact staff morale and loyalty
  • Increase productivity through eradication of misunderstandings and assumptions
  • Reduce workplace conflict that arises through misunderstandings and assumptions

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unconscious bias training
unconscious bias training
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