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"Jaluch provide a clear and straightforward interpretation of the law! These are the only articles that make sense of it all for me!"
Sandra Smith, Discovery Education

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Unravelling employment law: Woman in elegant suit holding scales of balance

Unravelling employment law

If you feel a little confused at the moment about employment law changes and what is happening when, don’t panic ...
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Diversity and inclusion: multiethnic group of people holding smiley emoticons on white background. Horizontal shape, front view, waist up

Why bother with diversity and inclusion?

If you are one of those who read this title and then immediately decide to click away, then this HR ...
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Dismissing staff with short service: Lego StarWars storm-troopers surrounding a Lego figure in an office environment

Dismissing staff with short service (under two years)

New to the organisation, but giving you grief? Here is our two-minute blast on dismissing staff with short service, or ...
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Bullying or whingeing: One business man is shouting at another

Bullied or whingeing?

In this HR Blast we take a brief look at workplace bullying: what we see at Jaluch and what you ...
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Compromise agreement whiplash – how to avoid it: Businessman with his luggage outdoors in the field

Compromise agreement whiplash – how to avoid it!

In this two minute HR Blast we will update you on how to mess up Compromise agreements… ignore this at ...
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Are you turning a blind eye to employee fraud: Shocked Young Businesswoman

Are you turning a blind eye to employee fraud?

In this two minute HR blast the information comes to you courtesy of one of the Jaluch Partners, Andy Mileham, ...
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When errors compound errors: A stressed man holding his head behind a pile of papers

When errors compound errors

Every employee makes errors from time to time. It’s inevitable. However, this two minute HR Blast is about highlighting how ...
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Managing absence: Excited boy with magnifying glass

Spotlight on managing absence

In this very first HR Blast of 2013. In no more than two minutes we will put the spotlight on ...
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Self employed workers - a legal risk to your business: Wooden justice gavel and block with brass

Self employed workers – a legal risk to your business?

In this two minute HR Blast, we ask what church organists and lap dancers have in common. Not a lot ...
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Can't sack him, he's stressed: A man holding some dynamite looking very stressed

Can’t sack him he’s stressed

In this very first “HR Blast” from Jaluch, designed to take you no more than a couple of minutes to ...
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