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Jaluch is a leading provider of Employee / Staff Representative Training in the UK, with over 20 years’ experience in this highly specialised area. Across the years, we have delivered staff reps training for hundreds of organisations and often deliver refresher courses in organisations when new reps are appointed.

In-house or virtual classroom training

Should you need to run a staff representatives training course but for whatever reason are unable to gather your representatives in the same place, then our trainers are able to deliver this course remotely using telephone/online conference facilities (GoToMeeting, Teams etc). There will be some impact on the exercises used, however, our trainers will work with you to deliver the training your representatives need to be able to do their job. We can cover everything online our classroom does (TUPE, redundancies etc.)

If you have just one or two employee reps, we are also running live, online open courses.

Typical agendas

Our training is bespoke in order to reflect your organisation’s unique culture and needs, but to give you a flavour here are the typical agendas for the five types of staff representative training courses we can deliver  (click the + to expand):


A great course for bringing a group together and developing key skills and knowledge (used as both an introduction and as a refresher). The course outline provided below is for a full day (6 hour) training course, but it can be reduced for a half day session for online or face-to-face training.

This is an example agenda, we can extend certain topics, add in new topics or remove anything listed below which is not applicable.

Staff Consultation

  • The role of consultative bodies and staff representation.
  • Ice breaker and introduction.

The benefits of consultation for both employer and employee

  • What does the company gain from staff consultation?
  • What do employees gain from staff consultation?
  • What can Staff Representatives themselves gain from being part of a Staff Forum?

What makes a good Representative?

  • Looking at personal qualities, skills, experience and knowledge.
  • Support for staff representatives.

Essential Skills of a Staff Representative

  • Giving & receiving constructive feedback.
  • How often do we give feedback to colleagues and managers?
  • What inhibits us from giving feedback.
  • Developing and practising the skills.
  • Working well as an effective team

Active listening and effective questioning skills

  • The importance of having and using listening skills.
  • Developing and practising listening skills.
  • The art of effective questioning.
  • Developing and practising questioning skills.

(Self) Presentation skills for meetings

  • How do you come across to others?
  • Identifying what aspects of your self presentation may hold you back.
  • Adjusting your self presentation to achieve your goals.
  • Developing and practising self presentation skills.

The representative’s role during formal disciplinary and grievance meetings

  • Understanding your organisations disciplinary and grievance procedures.
  • Taking a look at the role of the person accompanying a colleague in a hearing.
  • Accompanying colleagues at disciplinary and grievance hearings.
  • How to prepare for disciplinary hearings.
  • Case studies and exercises to raise your confidence and consider your role.

A course designed to ensure your representatives understand their role during redundancy consultation and have developed the necessary key skills – Full day


  • Why did you become a representative?
  • What does it mean to be a representative?
  • What challenges may you face being an employee representative?

Consultation during Redundancy Consolation

  • The legal framework & Terms of reference
  • What is consultation?
  • Collective redundancy consultation
  • Expectations of you as an employee representative?
  • What does the Company expect of you?
  • What do your colleagues expect of you?
  • How can you be an effective representative?

The Benefits of effective Consultation for Both Employer and Employee

  • What does the Company gain from effective employee engagement during a period of consultation?
  • What do employees gain from employee consultation?
  • What can employee representatives themselves gain from being part of the group?
  • What might prevent the organisation from achieving maximum benefit?

What makes an effective Employee Rep and Effective Consultation Body?

  • Effective communication:
    • Listening skills
    • Questioning skills
    • Giving constructive feedback
  • Working as a team.
  • Organising yourselves.
  • Dealing with disagreements.
  • Managing Change.
  • Understanding the change curve.

The Employee Representative’s role in employee consultation

  • What can you realistically achieve in your role as an Employee Representative?
  • Line management responsibility.
  • Your impact and influence as a rep.
  • Rules of the group:
    • Understanding the terms of reference
    • Collective issues
    • Review the process for agenda setting
    • Confidentiality
    • Personal interests and conflicts
    • Meeting etiquette
    • Off the record discussions
  • Gathering and presenting employee views.
  • Giving employees feedback after meetings.
  • Developing and practising the skills.

A course designed to ensure your representatives understand their role in a TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) situation and develop the necessary skills to support – Half day or full day course.

Understanding TUPE

  • An overview of the TUPE Regulations
  • What does TUPE mean for staff?
  • Understanding the Organisation’s position

The Representatives’ role during TUPE

  • What is consultation?
  • Taking a look at the role of the Staff Representative during TUPE consultation
  • How should the process be managed?
  • The Representative’s role in formal meetings.

Essential soft skills for Representatives

  • Support for Representatives.
  • Gathering and presenting staff views.
  • Improving your active listening and effective questioning skills.
  • Understanding the change curve.
  • Self-presentation skills: understanding how you come across to others.

A course that focuses on the key legal knowledge that Staff Representatives need if they are to fully support the organisation including supporting with diversity and inclusion, grievances and disciplinaries - Half day.

Introduction to Employment Law

  • An introduction to employees’ Statutory Rights
  • Rights of the employer
  • The difference between contractual and procedural policies
  • What do the clauses in a contract of employment mean?

Discipline & Grievance Procedures 

  • Understanding your Company’s disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Understanding employees’ rights
  • Taking a look at the role of the person accompanying a colleague in a hearing
  • Accompanying colleagues at disciplinary and grievance hearings
  • How to prepare for disciplinary hearings
  • Case studies and exercises to raise your confidence and consider your role

The Equality Act 2010      

  • Discrimination, bullying and harassment at work
  • Your role in helping to eliminate discrimination, bullying and harassment at work
  • Your role in supporting employees who raise concerns

A course that focusses on developing knowledge and understanding in respect of Data Protection – Half day, online or in-house training.

Introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Understanding the differences between personal data and sensitive data
  • The Company’s obligations under the GDPR

Employee’s Rights

  • The rights of data subjects, including the right to be forgotten

Company Policies and Procedures

  • Risks of breaching Data Protection
  • Employee’s obligations under GDPR
  • Putting it all into practice with case studies and practical examples

Effective staff representation (number 1) is our most popular course. This course raises awareness of the expectations that their colleagues may have of them, the benefits of consultation and the personal qualities required to be able to maximise the effectiveness of the role. Delegates also have an opportunity to explore the fascinating area of individual personality profiles and how, as a team, these bring different working strengths and weaknesses. From this, soft skills can be developed in terms of communication style and interpersonal effectiveness, as well as hard skills such as running effective meetings and establishing roles, on a formal or informal basis, that complement the elected Representatives’ core skills and interests.

Why choose Jaluch?

From tea bags to whisky production, hotels, car manufacture, call centres,  banks and care homes... Jaluch has trained employee representatives of every shape, size, age and nationality in every conceivable organisation!

Our staff reps training provides reps with an overview of their role and builds their skills so they can be effective in what they do. Often new reps want to understand the framework they operate in, often existing reps want to learn how to work more effectively as a group and influence management. Sometimes very experienced reps want training in employment law or supporting colleagues in disciplinary hearings.

If you want to provide your reps with training that has impact and that builds skills and confidence, then you have come to the right place. Ask us for testimonials from both reps and those organising staff representative training.

"I have to say the feedback from delegates has been fantastic and I have no doubt the committee shall be significantly stronger and more effective moving forward!"

Sandra Evans-Kerr

Director of HR & Staff Development - St. Elizabeth's Centre

Some of our staff representatives training customers

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Not What You're Looking For?

If you have someone in-house that can deliver training, then we also offer an effective staff representation training kit. Our training kit, is just £550 for 8 hours (approx) of training material that can be used with unlimited delegates. Our training kits are the same high quality you would expect from our traditional trainer-led staff representatives training courses, they just give you the added flexibility to deliver the training whenever suits you, whilst saving you money. Our training materials are designed for face-to-face training but you can adapt some of the materials for online training.

Please note that there is no employment law included in this training kit.

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