Data protection (GDPR) workshops

Ensure your business doesn’t fall foul of data protection legislation

Increase trust and reduce the risk of fines and bad publicity

Data Protection (GDPR) training is essential given the legislation requirement to train all staff. You don’t want to switch your staff off though, just because this is about yet more compliance in an already complicated world. Instead, our GDPR workshops offer delegates an opportunity to learn and engage in lively discussions whilst exploring what the law says, what needs to be done and what the repercussions might be if data is improperly handled.

No organisation wants to be threatened with multi-million pound fines due to data breaches. No organisation wants to be torn apart in the press as the world has seen with Facebook and YouTube for their seeming disregard for protecting the data of subscribers/clients or members. While it’s near impossible to remove all possible data breaches and unlawful handling, what you can do is understand the legislation and safeguards we can all put in place to minimise the risks.

Inclusive and accessible

Ensuring all learning styles are catered for to provide an equal opportunity for learning for everyone.

Interactive and engaging

Our style of delivery is always lively and engaging with maximum interaction and minimum lecture.

Impactful and memorable

Highly relevant material and methods of delivery that are designed inspire so learning is truly embedded.

Content for managers or all staff

Select a training course for more information.

GDPR awareness: managers

Help managers understand their responsibilities and how to support their teams.

GDPR awareness: employees

A focus on how people can personally protect and take responsibility for data protection.

Discover our digital learning options ...

Jaluch also offers GDPR eLearning for managers or all staff. We can create custom content which is specific to your sector (ie education) or just use one of our off-the-shelf course to get started instantly. Available to purchase as individual licences (we host) or SCORM files (you host).

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can create a bespoke course for your business. Whether it’s in-person, online, or digital learning, we can help. 

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