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An engaging and interactive eLearning course designed to give participants a fuller understanding of diversity and inclusion. Using examples and interactive exercises, this course takes a straightforward look at current issues in the equality and diversity act. Raising awareness of these issues can help protect your employees and your business.


Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand what Diversity and Inclusion is and why it is important.
  • Have learnt about the nine protected characteristics included in the Equality Act 2010.
  • Understand and recognise different types of discrimination.
  • Understand that what you consider as “banter” others may consider as bullying.
  • Know how to raise concerns, both formally and informally.
  • Understand the benefits of a diverse workplace.

Topics in this course

  • Overview
  • What is diversity?
  • What is inclusion?
  • The 9 protected characteristics
  • Harassment vs Bullying
  • Responsibilities
  • Banter or Bullying?
  • Raising Concerns
  • The Benefits of a Diverse Workplace
  • Quiz

Purchase options

  1. Individual licences: If you do not have your own LMS, or require a small number of users to complete this course then you can purchase individual licences (£15 per person) and we will host the eLearning for you. This includes sending out registration emails and reminders and letting you know once the users have completed the eLearning.
  2. SCORM file: You can choose from our standard SCORM file or SCORM with rebranding, the rebranding includes logo replacement, colour change (for your brand colours) and also font change if required. For more complex customisations, such as changing the content, structure and images please contact us for pricing before purchasing.


This programme takes around 15/20 minutes to complete. If you are purchasing a SCORM file, we can extend the length of the course and combine it with other topics (i.e. microaggression or unconscious bias) if required.

Requirements and LMS Compatibility

This course can be delivered through our own e-Learning platform in instant online access format for individual or multiple users, which we can manage for you. You can purchase 1 or 1000 licences, for multiple purchases discounts can be applied.

If you have your own Learning Management System then we can supply the course in SCORM format to add to your system. One payment for unlimited use. Our courses are provided in SCORM 1.2 format as standard but if you need an alternative version please let us know.


Each aspect of the course can be tailored to produce a completely bespoke package, reflecting the learning objectives. Making changes to the course would be cost prohibitive if you only require a few licences.

Customisations range from simple branding – logo replacement, image replacement  and re-colouring the template to match your branding, to a full bespoke package where we can tailor the course to your organisation’s exact requirements by adding/removing certain topics, changing learning objectives, focusing on one specific bias that you wish to address or  incorporating links to your policies and procedures

If you are interested in this eLearning, please contact us for pricing.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Whilst this can be used as a stand-alone course, many of our clients combine this eLearning with diversity and inclusion training sessions in order to look at certain areas in more depth.

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  1. Lesley Wheeler (verified owner)

    Our organisation loved the style and messaging of this module. Written with a common sense approach that suited all staff. We purchased the SCORM module and were able to brand to Ascot and add our EDI mission statement and policies. Libby was brilliant in supporting us and helping us through each stage.

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diversity-and-inclusion-elearningDiversity and Inclusion eLearning
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