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At Jaluch, we have many years' experience in providing unique, bespoke and trusted training. We pride ourselves on having great trainers and combine this with highly relevant material and and methods of delivery that are all designed to suit individual organisational needs.

Nothing about our training courses is ‘off the shelf’. So if you wish to choose elements from different courses i.e. appraisals and absence management, we will build you a course to reflect this! Down to earth, practical, thought-provoking and delivered in jargon free English, our delegates tell us that training from Jaluch absolutely hits the mark, time and time again!


Specialist Training Areas

Leadership & Management

It's been said that "excellence is not a skill it's an attitude"... but if your supervisors, managers and senior leaders strive for excellence, then we can support that with our practical, commercial and thought provoking sessions on a whole variety of topics.

HR Professionals

How can HR lead and inspire others if it doesn't invest in itself? Our training options build delegates' competence and confidence in a whole variety of subjects, so they can hold their heads up high as true professionals.

Staff Representatives

We've delivered staff reps training to hundreds of organisations, throughout the UK. It might be viewed by many as a sideline, but successful staff representation is one of the toughest jobs. Our training supports and guides representatives so they understand what their role us and how to be great at it.

Unconscious Bias

Businesses roll out equal opportunities and diversity and inclusion training, but all too often nothing changes other than as forced through by law. Unconscious bias training provides an opportunity to get to grips with the obstacles we have been facing and for the open minded who attend, opens up a whole new awareness.

Personal Development

"Believe you can and you're half way there" Theodora Roosevelt. Developing ourselves is a must if we want to succeed in life and to be the best we can be. Our courses are not full of theory but instead seek to create an environment where people can learn and flourish.

Profiling & Assessment

Our profiling and assessment tools help identify development needs and open our eyes to opportunities. Whether it's self-awareness, developing understanding of others, emotional intelligence or getting feedback from others, our tools provide a focus for self-development.

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